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When a colleague has one too many sick days, one can refer to the saying 'more days off than hot dinners'.
With so many hot dinners, anyone would think Lisa had the Black Lung or something!
by Bustybonnie September 27, 2010
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Where someone has there face rapped in tin foil. The hole is then cut near the mouth to let them breathe. Then someone shits in there mouth.
"Would you like a hot dinner."
" you get ready i will get the tin foil."
by Lee Kadis June 24, 2005
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Analogue of the term "hot lunch", in which one is defecated upon by another. Usually followed by currency being exchanged.
If she asks you for a hot lunch, just drop trou and blow mud on her. When she says "wow"!, just say, "there's ya a hot DINNER, baby"!
by MEC November 16, 2005
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