stands for "hot belly button sex" where a man inserts his penis into the belly button of a morbidly obese person and fucks the rolls
Patrick and jack felt a little naughty, so the both of them had hbbs all night
by joey Paris March 20, 2011
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Like if someone sends you HBB just after your birthday on Facebook.
by JMC43 January 06, 2018
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Hot tub, Bed, Business. The process for the night of any true guido. Find a guidette to your liking and take her to the hot tub, then you take her to the bedroom and finally you get to business. Remember to never bring home any grenades. This process was made popular by Mike"The Situation" from mtv's Jersey Shore.
''Bro you have to remember HBB, you cant let anything get in the way of the process"
by s0sy bucc July 25, 2010
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Honey. Baby. Bit.

Doing a little something. Or a lot of a little.
"Hey man, HBB?"

"Yeah man, haven't played DOOM in weeks."
by LilZoomerKing April 27, 2020
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1st.} Hot Bootylicious Banging- when a person is good looking, sexy, beautiful, hot

2nd.} Hot Banging Body- someone with a fine ass body(guys with Abs or girls with Curves) ect.
1st.} "That boy over there is HBB."
2nd.} "Dang she has a HBB."
by mojoyoyov October 05, 2011
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hurry back bitch or biatch!
your chatting along and someone says:

> brb

you say:

> hbb

by garzac July 06, 2006
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A certain someone named Michael Brown, who likes to make out with girls his friends like!!! Really he is quite a D-Bag
by Adam Borenstein April 04, 2005
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