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If one or several objects manufactured in series, which are found for sale in the common market and are being presented as art pieces, these are Hamparte.
If the piece consists in the selection of an object (objet trouvé, found art or ready-made), which is magically made up into a piece of art, just because of the fact of being located in an exhibitions place of any kind, then it is Hamparte.
If talent is not required to make a piece as the shown one, if it is full of common places and trite ideas, it is Hamparte.
If the only value held by the piece is fundamentally sustained by a conscientious theoretical/philosophical/ political text, which finds no real reflection on the piece, then it is Hamparte.
The unrealistic and magical attributions of nonexistent values to objects that are being commercialized in the art market with an exorbitant price, it is Hamparte.
An artist never acquires the right of being one. The artist must demonstrate it permanently. Even though the artist has made great art pieces, it doesn’t mean everything this person does is art. Hamparte can be done consciously or unconsciously. If it is done unconsciously then this would be made by a pure Hampartist. If it is done to make evident or denounce what is happening in the market and art world, or just by the pleasure of doing it, then it would be done by a realistic Hampartist. All the pieces which are made under these terms would be Hamparte.
Fundamentally, the art of having no talent is Hamparte.
Damien Hirst makes Hamparte.
Yoko Ono is the Queen of Hamparte
Daniel Buren works are Hamparte pieces.
Wilfredo Prieto's pieces are Hamparte.
by Emarts June 12, 2018
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