The term 'H kingdom' falls into the the category of the 'HRNJ Theory' (mostly used term in games like ROBLOX, Valorant, etc.) H Kingdom describes a type of group in a game where bunch of people have similar mindsets that are based on the balance of the game. Kingdomers also worship GigaChad and are striving to get to a level higher as GigaChad. When Kingdomers experience something very R infront of them, (R in this case means hurtful but R stands for the 'R Empire' and R emperors attack & oppose the H Kingdom.) they tend to automatically and unstoppably visualize gigachad appearing right behind them to decide their fate. Kingdomers may get another chance, but if they do not, they fall into the dark void and work as a trucker driver in real life to increase Kingdom reputation till they can finally become a fellow kingdomer once again. Make sure to arm pump the truck drivers you see outside! They might be one of the H's/Kingdomers.
Your a fellow H kingdomer, just like me! :)
by Emperor0001 June 26, 2023
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