A dead baby whose dumbass mother is a heroine addict. Said baby is then used for extremely profitable sales on the black market or as a flotation device.
- "Wow, where'd you get the new Jag you're driving these days?"

- "Oh man, I just started selling H babies. They're flying out of the jars like candy!"


"For a minute, I thought our day on the lake was ruined after a ninja popped all of our rafts. Good thing we brought our H baby for back up."
by Knik October 28, 2009
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a male from the town of bensenville that claims to be a bra'
and spits crappy lines in rap songs
a mario pants wearin beaner us polo shoe rockin
aaaaghhhh screamin gf
nappy hair
thing not human
over all hes miserable give him a break world
Hey isnt day h baby
yeah shit lets dip
yeah thay nigga rymes
time with dime and he dont smoke
by tpakdl May 24, 2008
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