The only proper thing to say when blocking naked women from the view of onlookers.
*Hermione is naked in the background when the Rock comes up and blocks the good-uns with his big fat head* The Rock: Hey guys whats going on?
by Further Instructions December 19, 2007
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An adjective meaning cool or chill.
Trevor is the most hey guys what's going on person I know.

That shirt just screams hey guys what's going on.
by mikeamil January 27, 2008
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An expression used to diffuse responsibility for an unpopular statement made in a public setting. Typically used to imply complicity or collusion on the part of an unwilling stranger.
You: I mean, really, who hasn't made out with a rundown fat chick in a moment of drunken desperation.

Crowd: *silence*

You: *smile and point to a random guy in the crowd* This guy knows what I'm talking about.
by Ggggggaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa March 23, 2009
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It is said with a rhetorical tone to overstate its emphasis, but also in total seriousness because the situation calls for a cold, figurative slap in the face.

If an eye roll was a vocal expression and not a sigh, this would be it.
Eldee: Ok, so happy hour at BP is from 3-6, wings, mini pizzas, and ceasers. I made a reso for right in front of the big screen, the fights start at 7.

Colleen: There's a really cutesy and ironic place on the Lower East Side that has fantastic arugula salad, and the rosee comes in fair trade mason jars!

Eldee: Guys, What Are We Doing Here?!
by Mike109999 February 17, 2022
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