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When a girl is crushing on a dude soooooo hard but she’s stuck in the friend zone so she does whatever she fucking can to keep that line between boy friend and boyfriend close to her. How does she do it? By usually becoming close friends with her crush till upgrading him to the Guy Bsf title until he announces catching feels.
Girl 1: Omg i’m crushing on Carson so hard rn!
Girl 2: Why don’t u ask him out?
Girl 1: No way. That’s NOT happening. I have to make it seem like he came on to ME.
Girl 2: How are you going to do that?
Girl 1: Easy. I’m gonna make him my Guy Bsf till he tells me he’s catching feels.
Girl 2: Ur a fucking genius i can’t even.
by An_Upset&ProtectiveFriend September 28, 2019
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