To be the 'Guy Across The Street' you have to be the total opposite of the 'Guy Next Door'.

More of a bad boy, leather jacket and all. Also known as a 'Player'. Guys Next Door like to take advantage of girls and enjoy sex.

They don't usually get into relationships. They also tend to get drunk at parties and start fights. You find a lot of Guys Across The Street falling in love with the innocent good girls in romance novels.

These are not the kinds of guys you would generally take home to your parents unless you really want to piss them off.

Many girls tend to think they can change a Guy Across The Street and they usually just end up heart broken or become a single teen mom.
The total opposite of what Aaron Tviet looks like in a lot of his pictures.

Girl 1: Wow, that guy looks mighty fine!
Girl 2: Too bad he is a total Guy Across The Street.
Girl 1: So? I'm still going for him. Maybe I can change him.
by BecauseIWantTo August 14, 2011
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