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(N) Gut Soup is the most vile form of diarrhea, preceded by churning, cramping, and gurgling of the gastrointesinal tract. The initial discharge may likely be solid, followed by extremely thin, broth-like spray and a mixture of sludge and remaining solids. Extremely violent gas production propels this liquid/solid projectile. This particular form often has a strong, vomitous odor, due to the rapidity with which newly ingested food races from stomach to rectum, retaining much of the bile smell from acids vital to digestion.
Joe 1: are you ok? you look like that guy in Aliens right before his chest burst open!
Joe 2: Good guess! I just ate at the DFAC, and now I have a violent batch of Gut Soup brewing!
Joe 1: you better hurry...hope it doesn't turn into Piss Butt
by Dudeman Joe July 25, 2009
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