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An old army uniform that is now hard to wear. Often you can hardly fit into it and it often has to be squeezed shut. The most notable set of Gunny Greens belongs to MSGT/GYSGT Earl Pickles USA USMC Ret. His wife, Opal, can't believe he still has it.
Earl: Uh oh, its almost Veterans Day. I'd better whip out my old Gunny Greens. (laughs)I can't fit into these babies anymore, but I still love to wear them.

Ed: Gunny Greens? You know I've got a set of them, too. Back when the Army and Air Force were all one lump, I wore them. It was sweet!

Ben: (looking shocked) What are you two talking about? I've never heard of Gunny Greens. I never wore those.

Earl: (laughing again) Here, try these on. See what you think. (he hands the uniform to Ben) Its probably not gonna fit you, but you'll love it.

Ben: (squeezes himself into the uniform) Fits great! Can I keep this one?

Earl: Sure! You can keep this one. I've got tons more.

Opal: You are crazy! I can't believe you kept that thing! If the folks at Camp Swampy saw that, they would have a fit. Amos Halftrack would be rolling.

Earl: No, no. I can't part with this. That's my Gunny Greens, there. Who knows, I might get called back into the service someday. Me and that old suit have been through a lot. (salutes) TEN HUT! At ease!
by Dusty's Baby Powder May 13, 2011
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