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A disease very similar to Middletons' Disease only much worse. This disease is suffered by Beatrice Middleton when she wants to play with the kids, but they aren't there. It is also commonly seen in the Middletons' pet dog, Bumper, when he wants to play. When she gets Gunny Granny Flu Beatrice is often stuck in the house and is very lonely. It is cured by intense workouts and other treatments such as massages. So if you love the comic strip 'The Middletons', be careful - you might get Middletons' Disease and the Gunny Granny Flu.
Bumper: Uh oh, its school time again. I bet Miss Beatrice will have the Gunny Granny Flu.

Rusty: She sure will! Its tough when the kids are in school. Crazy fall time.

Beatrice: Yes, it is crazy around this time. But think of it this way: you get to spend all your time with me. Isn't that sweet? (She reaches for a Martian Mud and rubs it into Bumper's fur)

Bumper: Thank you! That's better. Now I've got the Gunny Granny Flu. What else can we do?

Rusty: Well, I know she likes to stretch. How about we stretch each other? (Bumper and Rusty start stretching on each other)

Beatrice: Yes, that's it. You two know how to make a Gunny Granny feel better. Now how about a game of fetch? (she throws a tennis ball to Rusty)

Bumper and Rusty: Poor Beatrice! She doesn't know what to do. I guess the Gunny Granny Flu will never end. Its just so sad.
by Dusty's Baby Powder September 13, 2011
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