An awesome, innovative game, that sadly gives tards the impression they can actually play iron man on guitar. Look up guitar hero on YouTube to see what I mean. For this reason, most actual guitarists look down o it, but haven't given an awesome game a chance. Although I wouldn't call it a simulation, it's very far from actual playing guitar.
gamer: OMFG 3y3 KaN PLAY Ir0N MAN 0n t3h G3374r lolzorz!!1!111!!
guitarist: Yeah, too bad a real guitar has 22 frets instead of 5 and 6 strings instead of one. Guitar Hero is for cock smoking fags.
me: Both of you are dumb fucks. Go cut your throats.
by ThroatSlit June 06, 2006
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A popular game for the Playstation 2, the core of the game revolves around timing and rhythym, similar to other such games like Dance Dance Revolution. Achieved popularity due to innovative controller (which is shaped like a Gibson SG) and well recieved reviews from numerous gaming publications. As a simulation, it more accurately simulates being a famous guitar player (rising the ranks from unknown basement shredder to international phenomenon) than actually playing a real guitar. Although the game does include the ability to use hammer-ons and pull-offs, the game utilizes 5 buttons and a strum bar in place of strings on the guitar controller, so more complicated maneuvers are impossible. This has caused a bit of controversy among real guitarists towards people who often play this game, citing that it is nothing like playing a real guitar.
I'm so sick and tired of being bored,
Had it up to here with being ignored.
The kids that walk by in their tired haze,
Lookin' for a place just to have their say:
Gonna be a guitar hero!
We finally got our way!
Gonna be a guitar hero!
Gotta get on stage today!
by the7thnobody July 24, 2006
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Guitar simulation game that you tell your parents your playing when really your getting totally shitfaced.
Mom: What did you do at Stevens house?
Daughter: We played Guitar Hero.
by female. March 05, 2009
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A good game that allows you to live out your rock n roll fantasies but does not allow you to think your better than everyone else who plays guitar because you can play through the fire and flames on expert mode. Another thing that pisses everyone off is that the people who play guitar hero actaully think that the controller is an actual intrument.
Kid one: I love guitar hero its so awesome I bet you 100 bucks that if you give me a real guitar I can play through the fire and flames!

Kid two: Ok hands him real guitar.

Kid one: Attemps and Epically fails.
Kid two: Ha you owe me a hundred bucks!
Kid one screw you real guitar is gay and I dont owe you anything. Kid two: takes guitar and hits kid one in the head and takes hundred bucks.
by Slayerkid16 May 24, 2009
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A game series on ps2, xbox, and other marketing scheme video game consoles.

In this game, you have to play great guitar songs, covered by the game company, which completely butchers it.

A game for tambourine playing bitches, nerds, and 8 year olds, to make them feel better about themselves, although they do not know what music is.
Ex 1:

(Nerd goes to a local guitar center)

Nerd: Can I see that guitar right there??

Guitar Center Employee: The bass??

Nerd: No, the guitar.

Guitar Center Employee: I see you love Guitar hero, huh?

Ex 2:

(Nerd goes to a local guitar center)

Nerd: Can I see that guitar right there??

(Guitar Center Employee hands the nerd the guitar)

Nerd: ... Wheres the buttons??

(Guitar Center Employee shoots the Nerd)
by voorheez January 12, 2008
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A video game, originally published by RedOctane for Playstation 2, wherein a player uses a controller shaped like a Gibson SG as if it were a real-life, honest-to-God, swear-on-your-mother's-spatula guitar. Much like Dance Dance Revolution, coloured shapes fly atcha - you hold the corresponding coloured button down and strum. That's how complicated it is, really.
Evidently, there are guitar players who see this game as an abhorration of musical performance, as those who do not play guitar can now revel in the virtual panties thrown on their virtual stage. But there's nothing wrong with the game - there are those who play both Guitar Hero and a real guitar, with equal relish... tasty, tasty relish.
The choice is up to you... keep in mind that, however wonderful you and your friends may think you sound, the music industry isn't all that easy to be part of. And no way you can have a problem with playing 'Bark At The Moon' as the fuckin' Grim Ripper.
I am a Guitar Hero. Jimi Hendrix is a guitar hero. But if he could, you know he'd play this damn game.
by Underglow March 09, 2007
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A game played at Best Buy with the intention of impressing people walking by. Even though no one really cares.
Hey they have guitar hero here. You wanna go play it?
Nah there's no one there to watch me.

See that score of jordan on there? I got that shit.
Cool....don't really care.
by jordannn selacs November 22, 2007
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