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Any kind of fast car that a guido would drive or does drive with the tendency to explode when driven into a solid structure at high speeds.
Guido "Did you hear about Kevin"
other Guido"no"
Guido "Well turns out he took out half of rite-aid with his guido torpedo when he was trying to get some hair gel"
other Guido "Fucking waste of a V-dub"
by Dirty Dorian March 25, 2007
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The car all Guidos drive. True Italians do not drive these cars, only the east coast trash. It can be one of two things: a domestic car that has been "riced out" (ex. 96' ford mustang with big chrome wheels, a body kit, noisy rattling exhaust, and huge rear spoiler), or an import with "muscle car" accesories (ex: honda accord painted red with black racing stripes, huge meaty rear tires, cowl inducted hood scoop, and side pipes. Sometimes painted with yellow flames). These types of cars are rarely combined.
guy: what the hell is making that sound?
guy2: fuckin guido torpedo just drove by.
by trallala September 26, 2009
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