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I came up with this when I was 16 years old. The spelling and all. Meaning now is simple. Alright, now when you are on your death bed laying there. Now reflecting upon your life and the past of your life. Do you see it in your mind as words or pictures? Go ahead think of something from your past far back as possible. How do you see that moment you reflected upon?

In most cases when asked a person they tend to reflect back to a moment in life as pictures or even such as a little movie played back in the mind. Now with that thought. Now when lying there upon the last days and hours reflecting upon replaying your life out in short can you ask yourself now did you "LIVE A GROOVIE MOVIE" ? Yes, did you? Have you? Are you living a "GROOVIE MOVIE"?
I'm living in a Groovie Movie. The only way I know, Living in this Groovie Movie isn't as easy as it seems, but I am doing the best that I can. Living in this Groovie Movie. This Groovie Movie of mine. There's always a part in this movie if you like my dear. There is always a part, for you with me you see. In this Groovie Movie time only tells what part we play. Groovie Movies is just what it is for you and me and the rest you see.
by Gypsy Lizzard July 15, 2016
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1.Living the life. Living the best way you know and can to the fullest.
2.Reflecting upon, your life's event when you are dying. How do you see the memories, Are they words or pictures, So ask yourself now looking back in your life have you or did you live a" GROOVIE MOVIE?"
I came up with expression back in 1991 the spelling and all. Before anyone has even heard the way I stated and spell it. I was the first to coin this phrase as this. Groovie Movies
Have you lived or are you living a Groovie Movie?

To live a non-regrettable life to the fullest and to look back it, can you honestly say did you live a GROOVIE MOVIE.
To live a life that even someone would be able to make a groovie movie out of it is a life to be told.
by Gypsy Lizzard July 15, 2016
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