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n. 1. a person of Tamil descent who bums cigarettes off people, usually dressed like a gangsta and talks like one, and also has a silly name (e.g. "Rahishgu is a Grip Killer".) 2. These people are called 'Grip Killers' because when your are smoking a cigarette (or 'bogie' as they like to call it), they will approach you, tilt their head and make a smoking gesture, and say, "Yo can I grip kills on your bogie yo?"
v. gripp-ed kills, gripp-ing kills, grip kills
Shahil: "Ay yo John what's good yo?"
Johnathan (having a cigarette): "Not too much Shahil, you?"
Shail: "Nah much yo, styll. (tilts his head and makes smoking gesture) Yo you got a bogie?"
Johnathan: "No this is my last one."
Shahil: "Truuuuuue. Can I grrrip kills off it then yo?"
Johnathan: "No, I don't like you "Grip Killer"."
Shahil (sucking his teeth in): Pssssst! Say word! (and walks away)
by gripkiller February 18, 2011
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