a guy who is a jock, class clown, and a pimp. He is hot. He can be the sweetest and most romantic person but only if you are alone. If he is with his friends he will treat you like shit. he will seem amazing at first but be careful cuz he will break your heart. He is a sarcatic obnoxious jock who thinks he can treat women with disrespect.
griffin: i love you!

girl: i love you too

(two days later)
girl:(crying) i cant believe griffin has a girlfriend! he told me he loved me the other day. how could he do this?
by lovergirl1234 July 10, 2009
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can be used as a girl name; griffin in an amazing girl who almost every one likes at one point. She is very experienced in dating and is sure to treat you with nothing but the best. If you happen to be her friend, you can count on her having your back. Griffin is an over all amazing girl.
I love griffin! Shes so hot and funny!
by Mike at maple June 17, 2011
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Is a cheater and will break heart and put the blame on you.
Person: hey Is griffin a good guy
Dixie: no he cheated on me
by NICOLE_KAYY September 27, 2020
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Typically a Quinn’s sidekick no matter what is going on a griffin will do what Quinn tells him too.
Oh is that Griffin, where’s Quinn
by EverySkaterEverywhere December 04, 2020
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A stick bitch soy boy who falls head over heels about any girl that will give him more that two seconds of attention. I Griffin can usually be identified by his Ruby Rose haircut and rag doll running style. When in motion his head viciously bobs up and down and his legs point outward at a slight 45 degree angle when running.
Griffin just tried to ask out that girl for the second time. He kept saying he would treat her right like some incel.
via giphy
by JUST Look at a fucking mirror October 12, 2018
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Suits: That lass I slept with last night had a fantastic Griffin
by TRO-man June 24, 2011
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Griffins are the kind of guys who have insanely funny brothers who they often take after. They frequently find themselves in the friendzone but time and time again he swears "she is the one". If your name is Griffin and you start crying, they always tend to come back to their mother. Griffins usually cannot handle their liquor, and on a night out you can usually find him having a deep, affectionate conversation with a stranger.
Why the fuck is Griffin throwing up after two drinks?
by poontapper69 October 10, 2019
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