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A Grete is someone you always want to be around. No matter what mood her friends might be in a Grete is always happy and never stops giggling. Usually a Grete is blonde with blue eyes, also, she is usually taller than all of her friends. Grete can always make you laugh and you can always make her laugh. A Grete has a very contagious smile, she smiles and every one smiles. Not that good in school, because she has too much trouble with all the boys texting her because she is so perfect. She claims not to be that good, but inside you know all you want to do is be with Grete, all day, everyday.

Nicknames: Gret, Grety, and G.
I want to be like Grete.

Who doesn't like Grete.

Why are you always so mean? Can't you be like a Grete?
by 126williams January 11, 2014
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Grete is a name and a term was derived from the adjective “great”. Back in the 1500’s, Grete was a very popular name in Iceland and countries of Scandinavia. Currently it is not very popular and is mispronounced 98% of the time. As I’m sure most of you just pronounced it in your head as either “Greet, Gretie, Grate" or maybe even just “Greg”, it is pronounced the same as Greta.
“I can’t believe how Grete that ice cream cake was. It was like I was able to travel back in time and punched a T-Rex in the face"
by MadameFriar December 13, 2011
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