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What Linda McFly had to ask Big Brother Dave when he protestingly grumbled to her that "although he wasn't her answering service", a guy by one of those two names had called for her a little while earlier. What makes this heartwarmingly-amusing it that before Marty's destiny-altering adventures in 1955, the geeky-looking and bespectacled Linda had been sulkily bemoaning the fact that few boys seemed at all interested in her plain and somewhat-chunky self, she now had so many "cool dude" admirers that there actually **was** a guy named "Greg" AND another guy named "Craig" who would have been equally-likely to phone her up.
It can indeed be wonderful if you actually have so many boyfriends that you hafta ask, "Well, which one was it --- Greg or Craig?" upon being told about a missed phone call, but it can also be a bit difficult and embarrassing if you need to call the name of one of them to a large group of guys hanging out together, since it may cause two or more of said hot hunks to come running to you in response, each thinking you were hollering to him instead of someone else in the group. :P
by QuacksO April 19, 2019
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