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A little tiny town in South Carolina filled with dip spitting rednecks and tons of old conservative geezers. It aspires to be like Greenville, SC, but will never ever be close. There is absolutely nothing to do in Greenwood except get drunk....oh yeah there is always bowling. Also, Greenwood County has a shit ton of golf courses, at least 15. If you ever visit, bring your golf clubs, some chewin tobacco, some alcohol, and some Call of Duty to ease the long boring days you will spend in this desolate town.
I heard Greenwood, SC was awesome. Later.....AH SHIT GREENWOOD SUCKS ASS!!! LETS LEAVE NOW!!!
by goldmember52192 December 14, 2010
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Also known as G-Vegas or G-Hood, Greenwood is a backwoods shit hole in the upstate of South Carolina. While it is rapidly growing, there still isn't much to do besides sit up in Starbucks, vandalize things, do drugs, get drunk, go bowling or aimlessly wander through Walmart all night. Yeah, that's what people really do here. Though there has been an increasing amount of hipsters lately, rednecks are still the majority. The elderly are pretty crochety and super conservative. You don't want to be caught walking any street, no matter how nice of an area it may look like. People be creepin', ready to snatch you up.
Ermergerd lets go to Greenwood, SC next week and chew dip. We'll fit right in with the other trash!
by stalkingmadison July 15, 2012
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