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A individual (s) who whines whenever people do things that aren't considered "green friendly". They will complain, lament, criticize and moan while exhibiting a sense of annoying superiority and self aggrandizment. You will see these people driving their Prius, wearing hemp, and buying ridiculously high priced items at Whole Foods. They will complicate the most simplest of actions just to ensure that nothing gets sent to a landfill. Although they are well intentioned, their message is ultimately lost upon the rest of the ignorant, uniformed schmucks of society who haven't the patience to deal with their incessant whining. These people also tend to come from upper middle class white socio-economic group.
"We should all bring in our own plates so as to avoid using paper plates! It would be less waste and we'd protect the enviroment!"

"Oh god, here she's goes again, another greenie weenie!"

(This actually happened at work. Turns out she really didn't want to pay $3 per month to help with party supplies!)

"I'm so happy with my Prius because I know I'm doing my part by saving the Earth. But why can't everyone else see the light?!"

"Ohh geez, you sound like a real greenie weenie"
by Ahawk75 August 12, 2009
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