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If you're a freshman:
-Don't go in the greenhouse unless you've already had drugs
-Don't use a credit card in the vending machines unless you want your identity stolen
-When the lunch bell rings, if you don't run you won't get food
-Don't even try to go on the patio or one of the rent-a-cops will get you detention
-Scrubs are super comfortable but try to avoid getting dress-coded everyday
-Don't put glue in the locks or you'll be arrested
-Don't write who you want to blow up on the bathroom stall or you'll get arrested
-Don't get a locker or the druggies will store their weed in there and you'll get framed and arrested
-If the dogs come always check your locker the day before if you can
-The teachers are totally chill with you coming to school high
-The science hall door is always unlocked
-Do not throw up in the portables
-You can say nigga no matter what race you are
-Don't automatically assume someone is a girl or a boy
-Don't brag about your grades near the jocks
-Lacrosse & Basketball > Football & Baseball
-Dress up during HoCo week or feel the wrath of the red-neck patriots
-Beware of 'virgin' jello shots unless you want to get drunk
-If someone says Pharmacy or Gaybrier they probably mean your school
-If you put vodka in your clear water bottle, no one will notice
-If your soul dies, you always have next year :)
Girl: I'm so terrified to go to Greenbrier High School
Guy: Hey, at least you're not going to Lakeside. I hear they need to have an at-school daycare centre because everyone gets pregnant.
by NotAPrepBro December 15, 2015
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A small school in rural northern Tennessee that is severly obsessed with social class and segregation. Greenbrier has a 98.4% white population and a 2.6% population of any other race. This "other" race mostly consists of hispanic origin. The graduation rate is about 70%.
Greenbrier High School's football team is so terrible, the school remodeled the football stadium in hopes to change the loosing record; it didn't work.
by EltonJohn29 March 16, 2009
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