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A person who hates on something, who is not jealous of what they are hating on.

However, the fans of what they are hating on will always come back at them with the "you're just jealous" line
which is a very irritating comeback, because what do you say to such a retarded statement?

this is often seen on youtube for music videos for 'artists' who aren't actually talented, or random youtubers who have gained many sheep-like followers, all whom feel the need to raise their idol up above them like a god, and protect them like Golem protects his precious.
green-eyed hater: "Omg, the millionaires music freaking sucks, what is this garbage? their voices are so annoying."

other random youtuber: "NO! they're pretty, and talented, and you're just jealous that while you suffer from your meaningless life, they're going to be living it up on mtv laughing at you! you must not have a life if you look for their videos just to hate -rant-"

green-eyed hater: "Yes, i don't have a life because i took 5 seconds to type that comment, and I'm jealous of talentless whores, and...nevermind what's the point."
by JelloLove November 27, 2010
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