A mostly political punk-rock band that was formed in oakland california around 1987. They've put out a lare amount of albums usually challenging the current government or their sanity. Their newer music is just about as good as their old music but too many (so called) fans don't even kno what they stand for or that they even have old albums
"I totally love green day's new album 21st century breakdown but i don't think it's as good as one of their first ones, Kerplunk"

"wait they made an album called Kerplunk?"
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1. A band that is punk rock-ish and a band that some people think have sold-out. Alot of people think that everyone who is under 15 who likes them only know the albums American Idiot and 21st Century breakdown But this is not true.

2. A day dedicated to smoking weed.
1.Green Day's best album is Dookie.

2. Guy 1 : Dude, you are smoking loads of weed today.
Guy 2 : Yeah I know, its my Green Day.
by IainJMR March 11, 2011
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An awesome band mostly known for their songs "American Idiot" "21 Guns" and "Good Riddance (Time of Your Life"
Have you listened to Green Day's new song yet?
by WhateverHappens_Happens May 22, 2016
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Dude, do you like Green Day?
yeah, I smoke pot all the time.
No you fuckin idiot, I mean the band.
oh yeah, that to
via giphy
by notgalun November 22, 2018
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Green Day is a shitty ass band that is like Disney Channel trying to be punk their songs literally will give you an aneurysm. Teen boy nerds like to listen to them and think they’re special . Basically they suck ass.
“Dude I love Green Day”

“Well how bout you shut the fuck up
by PancakesnReefer October 01, 2018
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A great alternative/rock band that is mistaken to be listened to by today's teenagers and wanna be goths. But, is really just a great band that deserves more credit than they get.
Hey what's your favorite band?

Green Day.

You wanna be goth! You probably don't even know any other rock bands.

No? I just think it's a good band, and yes I do listen to more than Green Day. They're just my favorite band in my favorite genre of music...
by Surfergirl November 17, 2014
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