Green Day is, like the best band in the universe! Their songs are fricking awesome, the band members are hot especially Billie Joe!, all in all, Green Day rocks my socks! I highly advise listening to them.
Green Day is cooler than you'll ever be
by Loserette from Loserland April 12, 2022
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One of the greatest punk rock bands of all time. Formed in 1987, originally under the name sweet children. members consist of Tre cool (drums) (replaced previous drummer John Kiffmeyer who also replaced Raj Punjabi), Mike dirnt (Bass/background vocals) Jason White (main touring guitarist who was once the official 4th member) and most importantly, Billie Joe Armstrong (lead guitar, lead vocals). Known for their massively successful hits such as Basketcase, 21 guns, Longview, Welcome to paradise, Boulevard of broken dreams, good riddance, wake me up when september ends, holiday, Brain stew, when i come around, and Jesus of suburbia. They have inspired multiple generations and go down as one of the most beloved bands of all time
"hey have you heard green day's new album?
"yeah its kinda balls bro'
"suck a dick bro, green day's the greatest band ever"
by ThatDumbassNamedBrandon February 15, 2022
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One of the greatest bands of all time. American idiot, Dookie and 21st Century Breakdown are classics and will always be awewome. Blille Joe is one of the weirdest singers in rock and that will always be a good thing. The drummer is awesome (trust me im a drummer) and the guitar work is always iconic.
"Green Day"
by The White Parade September 12, 2019
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The shittiest most “upper-middle-class-white boy-trying-to-rebel-by-getting-an-ear-piercing” type music
What music do you listen to?

Grade 7 bitch-boy: I listen to green day 🤘
by Chevreentusiast May 9, 2022
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on 9th june of every year, we celebrate the world green day to honor our beloved pal ravu
by YESMAN6969420 June 9, 2020
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