1) A day to smoke weed.

2) Popular American pop-punk band with such classics as Good Riddance (Time of Your Life), Basket Case and Longview. Sometimes said to be inspiration for various later pop-punk bands.
1) It was a green day.
2) I am going to the Green Day concert next week.
by jazzpup February 04, 2005
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Green day ~ day spent to just smoking pot and doing absolutly nothing at all. sitting on the couch, eating food, just not leaving the house at all while you are stoned.
My friends and i got our first paychecks today, and we celebrated by having a green day because my parents were out of town.
by skaterpunk1007 July 12, 2004
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1) A band that many people are starting not to like just because everyone else does, and they think it's "cool" not to go with the "fads". When in reality, the band is atleast 15 or 16 years old. Also, some people are stupid enough to think they're a new band.
But is a seriously good band, has always been great. People tend to split the group into "New Green day" and "Old Green day".
1) " Dude, I like Old Green day way better than New Green day"
2) "Ew, my best friend likes Green day, and like, no way, they're too mainstream"
by Hannah_t August 13, 2005
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1.A day of smoking weed and being high
2.A popular punk rock band, that has inspired teenagers since the 90's. They just recently released the album American Idiot, which was a protest album that was good, but nothing compared to any of their earlier albums such as Dookie.All three band members are brilliant, but I hate it when my friends say things like "I dont like any other of their albums,just American idiot", or "Billie Joe is soooo hot"I know people think they've become sellouts, but theyre just popular with audiences.They cant help it.
1.We got sooo high. That was a fuckin green day.
2.Have you heard Green Day's new album?
by anonymous (11) November 26, 2005
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A band that was once cool, until it became hugely popular and was invaded by MTV.
Prep: Lyk oh em gee Brittany I just heard of this band kalled like Orange Day..or was it Green Day? Yea I think it was Green Day but it realli should be kalled like pink day or somethin cuz thats like s0o0o0o much better but wut everrr. It's lyk s0o0o0o0o popular so we better listen to it lyk..now. Lyk okaaaay??!?

Real Green Day Fan: Shut up bitch I've been listening to Green Day since you were in diapers.
by seth_cohen_fan January 14, 2006
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for a bunch of "fans" you could all at least spell the band name right. See Green Day, not Greenday.
Also, a green day is when you do nothing but sit around and smoke weed. It is also the (mispelled) name of a great band, that has been around since teh eighties.
Its green day, not greenday.
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Green Day is a rock band that has been around since 1989. Their first cd dropped in 1990. The members are Billie Joe Armstrong, Mike Dirnt, and Tre Cool. I think they are a great band, but when their new cd "American Idiot" came out, a bunch of poseurs started to listen to them, without knowing or caring about what their lyrics mean or that they had been around before many of them were even born. Alot of true fans blame "American Idiot" for causing so many poseurs, but i think it's the media's fault. Green Day's new cd may be more pop-ish than their older stuff, but rock music itself has recently become very mainstream.
poseur- "Have you heard that new band, Green Day?"
me- "Dude, they had 8 other cd's before their new one!"
poseur- "Whatever, but that Holiday" song is so cool!"
me- "Do you even know who they're talking about?"
poseur- "No, TRL didn't say anything about that."
by wateva August 02, 2005
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