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someone who claims to be a green day fan, but only owns american idiot, and EVEN SO only listens to tracks 1, 3, 4 and 11.(american idiot, holiday, blvd. of broken dreams, and wake me up when sept. ends) also thinks that american idiot was green day's first cd. can not recognize billie without eyeliner, black hair or a tie(and do not know that he is MARRIED). if you are a real green day fan, it is EXTREAMLY difficult to prevent yourself from chewing these people out, screaming at them, or bitch slapping them. you just sit there and you eye twitches.
{acctual converstion between me and my longtime friend}

Green Day posuer{Lesya}: aaaah! green day is so great! i love them!
Green Day fan{Me}: ohmagosh! no way! you two? i love them so much! i'm obsessed! my favorite's kerplunk. you?
L: ? huH?
M: ... uhm..... ok, i figured out how to play king for a day! wanna hear?
L: uhmmm... what now?
M: .... do you like are we the waiting..??
L: uuuhhh... o wait! yea, i heard taht one like twise! i really only like listen to american idiot, blvd of broken dreams, you know.
M: ... *twitch*twitch... i am trying /really/ hard not to hate you right now, lesya.... {internally growls}
by mrs.dirnt April 12, 2006
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Teens who tend to like Green Day because of their latest hit CD, American Idiot. Barely listens to other tracks on the album other that 1,3,4, and 11 (American Idiot, Holiday, Boulevard of Broken Dreams and Wake me up when September ends.)
Characteristics (sp?) of Green Day posuers;
- doesn't know Dookie
- doesnt know what E.B.P.M. is
- has no idea what F.O.D. means
- thinks American Idiot is their first album when actually, it is their seventh album (excluding 1039 Smoothed out Slappy Hours, International Superhits! and Shenanigans)
- thinks Green Day has only been around for about the last 4~5 years.

Well, they're some of the characteristics. There's tons more to recognise a Green Day posuer.

It is very hard for us, real Green Day fans to not to scream at them until their ears bleed, slap them and tell them to go listen to Kerplunk.
If you know;
- who wrote 'My adventure with Green Day'
- and what the story is about
- what was the first song Billie Joe wrote, and what age he was when he wrote the song
- the three main members' current marital status, and their children
then at least I know that you know a bit more facts then those Green Day posuers.
by April 04, 2008
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A very annoying type of person who only knowns American Idiot and no other albums. They are wildly annoying to actual fans who are tired of American Idiot tracks 1, 3, 4, and 11. They can also be identified by not knowing Billie Joe is in his 40s, is married, and would notice him if he were wearing loads of eye liner, spiky black hair, and black shirt, and red tie. Obviously, they wouldn't recognize him in the Basket Case music video. The only other Green Day songs they might know are Welcome to Paradise because of merchandise), Good Riddance (which they call time of your life) for being a mainstream success, and 21 Guns. They would know nothing of my top 5, 2,000 Light Years Away, Jesus of Suburbia, Paper Lanterns, Longview, and King for a Day.
Green day fan; I like American Idiot but it's not their best

green day posuer; ZOMG!!!! U DONT LIEK AMERICAN IDIO T!?!? WH AT ELS IS THAR???
by jdh214 June 15, 2016
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