Since the Greeks invented anal sex, the jizz that falls out of a man's ass after he has been analed by his companion is called Greek Yogurt.

This may also apply to a heterosexual male making greek yogurt with his girlfriend.
John: Dude what is this stain in your car?
Gene: Oh sorry thats some left over Greek Yogurt from last night, me and Ben got iton
John: That's disgusting dude!
by Tom Scro May 7, 2011
The resulting product of stuffing your partner's mouth with Feta cheese and then throat fucking her until you ejaculate. In order to be labeled Yanni Style Greek Yogurt the mixture must be swallowed and ferment in your lover's stomach for no less than 10 minutes before being vomited back up.
Oh man! I made same hot Yanni Style Greek Yogurt last night with that girl in 4B.
by DJChupacabra September 24, 2010
General term for whatever the heck they're talking about when you don't know what it is but don't want to admit it.
Neil was trying to impress the girl so he smiled and nodded and consumed the Greek Yogurt, hoping she wouldn't recognize his naivete.
by -bones October 11, 2008
-brown cow

-oikos means house

-chobani means a Sheppard, one who takes care of his sheep, herd

dirty1---CUM!!! CUM!!! AND MORE CUM!!!
dirty2---CUM dripping from a girls asshole mixed with some brown shit...cum and shit = greek yogurt
wanna cum over and have some greek yogurt???

sure, do u have oikos???

well i was thinking of the other greek yogurt

oh u mean chobani???

no i mean my CUM in your ass!!!
by blthrskt November 23, 2009
Girls favourite food and or word.
Omg lets go get our Greek yogurts done!
by Julia Sage November 8, 2014
Semen ejaculated by a Greek male. Better consumed fresh.
Woman - What’s the healthiest kind of yogurt?

Greek man - Greek yogurt. I make it fresh. You should come over and try it sometime.
by Nunyabiz March 14, 2018
The superior yogurt, thus the name "greek"
They don't call it greek yogurt for nothing
by J4keB October 24, 2018