Greebo is NOT a fucking word you stupid dumbshit goddamn motherfuckers, it was a word invented by fuckwit chavs to describe anyone with a soul. its kinda like grunger but its not ( for a rant about the word grunger see grunger ) now if you would like to join me in eradicating the problem of dipshits who use this "word" simply kill all who use it in front of you. it may seem a little harsh but trust me it makes you feel so much better knowing you have helped the human race
wow, it was fun venting some anger & i have a lot of it, greebo is just such a stupid word
by kieran rockerfella March 11, 2006
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A person who is different from others (others meaning: chavs, trendys, preps, geezers - whatever you want to call them) - 'greebo' is their word for skaters, rockers, moshers, emos, goths etc. they like some sort of rock/alternative music including emo, metal, goth, punk, etc.
they dress differently from them usually in loose/baggy trousers, hoodies and band shirts and military style clothing (e.g camoflage patterns) - or girls may wear net gloves and stripey, brightly coloured tops and accesories.
they are often pretty intelligent in one way or another and are often mistaken for trouble-makers. though they are smart enough to know that fighting wont solve anything and therefore arnt actually the ones who start things - they are provoked. when a chav (insert other names here)says something they can usually answer wittily or with the use of long words - this can often confuse stupid people. many dont actually have anything against chavs but dont like them because they make their lives a misery with their constant taunts. they like to keep themselves to themselves.
chavs often dont actually know what the word means
chav: "oi, greebo! what u fukin lookin at? eh? ya startin are ya!?"
'greebo': "oh i see, its now a crime for one to glance at another?"
chav: "oooo shes tryin to be cleva wid us!"
'greebo': "correction - i wasnt 'trying'" *walks off*
by X-me-X March 15, 2007
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Wow, there's alot of bad spelling and grammer here... Anyway...
A greb is someone who tends to ware what they want and how they want to. They don't start or pick fights with anyone, except when they are backed into a corner and have nowhere to go.
Generaly, grebs will casualy walk away/round people who are hurling abuse at them.
Grebs don't:
-Hand out free hugs randomly to others in the group
-Start fights
-Smoke weed, pot, anything at all (not to my knowlege anyway)
-Listen to rap, dance or junk like that because the lyrics usualy go as follows: "Yo, I'm rappin' and I spank my white biatch up. Ya can't do nufin' about it." Or "I saw you in a bar and I wanted to bang you repeat several times"

Grebs do:
-Generaly do much better than chavs/townies academicaly
-Listen to music which have a meaning and can save there lives one day " It's easier to run, Replacing this pain with something numb, It's so much easier to go, Than face all this pain here all alone." Basicly means that if you stay here by yourself and feel the pain from the name calling chavs, one should leave and make the pain numb so it doesn't bother one.
-Have a unique sence of fashion. Most beleive grebs look very similar. But if you looked harder, you'll notice they ware different jeans from each other, you'll hardly ever find 2 grebs with the same hoody on in a group and you'll find that they all have different haircuts. (Unlike chavs/townies who go for the skinhead look... Very original...)
-Can get girlfriends/boyfriends who ACTUALY love and cherish each other. Unlike chav/townies who think it's just another bit of cheap cock/fanny if they say they love them.

Grebs can get along with lots of people but choose not to even try, it's because most hurl abuse at them when they get close. I should know, I'm a greb myself and have an awsome girlfriend (we've been going out for 5 months... That's 4 months and 29 days longer than a couple of chavs can go out for.)

P.s. Some of the quieter and possibly anarexic grebs do know martial arts and self defence, so if you're not careful, I will drop kick your nose nose again. Got it? Good :)
Oops! Did I just type that? You know who you are insert a somewhate diabolican laugh here
*Grebbo walks down the street, casualy talking to another grebbo*
*Chavs on bikes shout pathetic insults the grebs have heard many times before so it doesn't bother them*
*Grebbos continue walking*
*Chavs eventualy go away and get run over buy a 10 tonne truck*
*Grebbos don't hold a grudge and continue walking*
A greebo likes to be different and is usualy bullied
by Somewhat Diabolical June 27, 2006
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skater, rocker lesser emo. wears skate clothes often mistaken for emo but are generally more happy. always picked on by every chav and townie just because they have their own style and arent afraid to be indivdual!! often called "dirty goths" or "rocker scum" or "filthy mosher" and often get started on for absolutly no reason, but thats chavs !
chav 1: "oi u dirty goth what you wearin you filthy mosher !! "
Greebo: "what are you on about ?"
Chav 2: hes givin us greif blood lets get im !"
Chav 1: "wait let me light this spliff"
Greebo: walks away
by Hattie1991 April 19, 2006
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Greebo refers to the Stourbridge music scene of the early 90s, championed by such bands like Ned's Atomic Dustbin.

For some reason, it's now attributed to a subculture who thinks they're above another sub-culture (the so called "chavs"), to the extent they wish all the "chavs" were dead. As you can tell, they're not that familiar with the words "irony" or "hypocrite".
Greebo: all you chavs are the same!
Chav: all you greebos are the same!
Everyone else: *rolls eyes*
by Simahn May 11, 2005
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A greebo is generally anybody who is different. They usually get abuse hurlled at them because of this by chavs/townies/arrogant twats. I am called a greebo/emo because i wear the clothes i want to listen to the music i want to and generally dont give a shit about fitting in with the crowds. People who labbel others and in effect bully them are usually scared of what others think of them so they try to fit in and make everybody laugh at someone else. Most greebos/greebs listen to some form of rock music or something not mainstream, are peaceful people and dont start fights for the hell of it and are just being themselves.
all of these examples happened to me or friends.

sitting in a maths class and getting things thrown at me because i am "greeb" by a group of guys who everybody is scared of because the could kick the shit out of them.

walking down an path at lunch time out of school when a group of year 9 chavs/townies/popular kids thought a group of year 10 greebs said "they could have them" so made two of them get down on their kness and say sorry. the greebos not wanting to fight did this and walked away whilst having things thrown at them and threats yelled at them.

Standing in the courtyard at breaktime where most of the school are. Generally the big groups of greebs stand on one side and big group of chavs townies on the other and the other people spread out between in little groups. when the chavs etc start to throw any food the have at the greebs this happens nearly every day.

a fat kid taking the piss out of you nearly the whole way through the day about skate boards, music, being greasey and dirty just so the "cool kids" are to busy laughing at the greebs to pick on the fat kid.
by world_peace May 10, 2006
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Well, on a shcool trip me and my friends had to teake off our braceletes because we were about to do archery. Yes me and my friends listen to rock music and may be rockers but we aren't how you all think we are rockers are cool. Me and my freind were saying how strange it looked without our bracelets on. I asked a boy who i know who was in our activity group if we looked strange without them. (we usaully wear them) and he said your a greebo! WE looked at eachother confused. What does that mean?! i asked him and he said greasy haired rocker! I was hurt by this, my hair is no way greasy. Later on, still on the trip a Chav *shudders* apparently called my friend this, i told her if he said that to her again tell him atleast we know how to dress (as you probaly know chavs have a bad dress sense) she laughed. But i dont agree with this atall. In my opinion it's just a word they made up because they dont like us. Can't see why though because we are really nice people and theres nothing wrong with us. (Chavs) are obviously jealous of us lol. So to me Greebo is a offensive word used against people such as rockers. Its rubbish. Associated with people who don't take pride in their appearance. But we do. Most people do! They seem to think this of (rockers) etc like they are anti social and dont care about the way they look.UNTRUE. I do all the time. But thats just my opionion of what this word greebo means from my experiances.
Chav: "oi greebo"
Us: *confused just walks away it means nothing as its untrue*
by Bob lol not realli June 25, 2005
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