"Meet that great divine" - Takeshine
by PencilVeinya March 15, 2023
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The greatest roast that someone can give to you for they think you deserve to hear it
Leila Da Great is not Da Great
by RoseRed669 January 22, 2023
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The time it takes for the fourth (or fifth) week to take when you're on monthly salary!
Thank Fuck for PAY DAY! I had to cross the Great Plains this week!!!
by Insphire November 9, 2018
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To lie or over exaggerate that mess outta somthin.
That is great jazz on my mova boy
by Great jazz December 11, 2016
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an African king, hallowed by those under harsh rule of Egyptian sands. The most dangerous enemy of the hittites, who worship pharoahs and name kings such as they are
"And yet Still you pledge Egypt was apart from Rule of AFRICA itself. How could this be possible? They'd have a hallowed name for him and you'd forget hew as king." "I can't think of any pharohs" "Kings.." "Egyptian" "Ramses the Great, was a king, never a pharoah, why?"
by livesweknow August 11, 2019
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