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A small public high school on the east coast, known better as ghetto mills. Has a generally bad football team and a horrid boys soccer team. Still, they are far better than Leonardtown High School.
"Bet you can't wait to go to Great Mills next year, eh son?"
"Can I get a kevlar vest, dad?"
by ColdVantage January 04, 2005
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Great mills high school is on the bigger side of 3A schools in st.Marys county. That is run by no other then the oh MR.HEIBLE. Recently Their basketball, boys soccer, and baseball teams are the only sports that are above mediocre. Along with there sprinting events. Many refer to it as getto mills despite having the program, stem. The halls frequently smell like weed, boys with their pants half way down their legs block the, already narrow halls along with making things loud as FUCK. So people may be on to something calling it getto mills. For st.marys county, which isn’t so bad in comparison to real getto.
Person 1: dude your really smart you should get into stem
Person 2: No way my parents will let me go to great mills high school with the reputation

Person 1: great mills isn’t as bad as the rumors.
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by HAZENuUT March 09, 2019
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