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Gray Kyle’s Disease, commonly referred to as “Kylie” or “the Kylie” is a disease only communicable through extremely deep anal penetration, most effectively transmitted by a large black cock. Kylie usually makes the infected think they know everything and can do no wrong, even though they are full of shit and just blow the boss all day. An infected Kylie is easy to spot as they have large scabs or rug burns on their knees and most likely have lower jaw problems from eating cocks all day long. Infected Kylie’s are well known to have their legs amputated at the knee so they are more efficient at sucking the bosses cock. If Kylie goes unchecked it will makes AIDS look like a walk in the park, so stay informed where local Kylie outbreaks might occur and report them at immediately. More information is available if you check the Peder file.
Timmy: Have you seen Lamar?
Billy: No, I think he contracted Gray Kyle’s Disease.
Timmy: OK, I’ll check under the bosses desk.
Billy: Good idea, he eats cock by the truck load now. Fucking Kylie.
by Jeremiah jones III June 11, 2018
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