Semen, cum, jizz, manbutter, spooge. You get the idea.
Drama Kid 1: She needs to stop drinking so much grape soda!
Drama Kid 2: Ohhh, snap.
Slutty Girl: What?
by TheDurheim March 31, 2008
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A name used by right wing asshole Trumpettes who deny they are right wing asshole Trumpettes when posting in forums. NaziFascistKKK
Grapesoda posted another idioyic thread claiming that he is not Right Wing or a Trump supporter while once again attempting to chastise the liberal members of the board.
by Herman Delatour August 30, 2019
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The absolute best person you will ever hope to find. He embodies all of the greatest things on this mortal plane, such as good looks, height, amazing personality and even more. His mere presence and beauty are known to regularly transcend both time and space. He stands at an illustrious, handsome 6'3 and doesn't take shit from anybody.
Him: Did you hear about GrapeSoda?
Her: *Orgasms instantly at the mere mention of his name*
by CapriGrape March 31, 2020
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