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An all boys school located in Western Sydney often labelled as one of the worst schools in Sydney. The students are mostly of Lebanese and Pacific Islander descent with around 500 students or so. Most students travel from local and neighboring areas such as Auburn, Merrylands and Guildford.

Granville Boys gained mass public attention after a video was posted in retaliation to the Cronulla riots on youtube containing Lebanese background students labeling themselves 'Soldiers of Granville Boys' and the school jumper with a knife on it.

The school was once again in the spotlight after a group of Granville Boys students wielding machetes and bats stormed nearby Merrylands High School in search of a student over an argument with one of their cousins.

Even before these incidents the school already had a bad reputation with teachers often leaving. A former student quotes that he "had 10 different maths teachers for the HSC and no permanent physics or chemistry teacher" and that "very few kids wanted to learn". Brawls and assaults are often witnessed in public places such as Auburn train station where groups are gathered after school. Videos of fights and brawls are seen on popular online sites such as bebo and youtube.

However, the school has undergo-ed a significant change that its recent history has had on the schools reputation. The days of early 2000s to 2008 will forever be the dark days of the school but hope and success is what the future lies for students.
Arthur Phillip: "Bro look at them school kids over there they look like they gonna have a fight"

Meriland High: "Yeah theyre from Granville Boys High School, what do you expect"
by Warahyuu November 13, 2010
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