A jacked awesome guy, Who shot puts farther then anyone.
That man is a grant
Meaning he is cracked at shot put
by Feudgeghdh62727 March 24, 2021
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Grant is defined as a level 300 noob, who thinks is trolling skills at at A1 steak sauce level.. when clearly, it's weak sauce. He loves to pretend that a whole Coliseum of people are cheering him on when in reality hes just like the spongebob meme " the gangs all here" with only 3 smile faces on his fingers. Grant is definitely as nice guy, so it break your heart to have to tell him that his "roasts" are trash..its okay bud. At least you tried ❤
Grant : HAHA GET FUCKING REKD KID! I WIN! And the crowd goes wild!
ME: There was no argument grant, theres actually been 5 minutes of peacefully silence.
ME: Aight, imma head out.
by Thefeugo101 March 17, 2020
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Grant is an amazing best friend and friend! I hope he will find someone that he loves, because he deserves it. He can make anyone happy with just one word. When he walks into a room everyone smiles. He is a very popular guy and very nice. He can be mean but a jokingly mean. grant you will always be my best friend!
Hey I met a guy and he was super nice!

Must be grant
by Cheatersgonnacheat March 03, 2021
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