A grant is someone who is a great friend, but sometimes they can be assholes. They think they are funny but in reality they are not. Overall grants are great friends
by Drodimo April 06, 2021
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Grant is an amazing person. He is very competitive and loves to play sports. He is very athletic and very handsome. With brown flowy hair and beautiful hazel eyes. He is as sweet as candy to his loved ones but when one is awful to his girl he is a mad tiger waiting to attack his prey. When he likes a girl he will love them with everything. He will complement her and make her feel special. He buys her gifts and always lets her know her worth. This guy normally likes strawberry blonde haired girls with green eyes. They are usually destined together. You can never get over this dreamy abed guy. He always gives you a look that you just want to live in forever. He smooth personality and dreamy wink catches you off guard every time.
Grant came in with his sexy smile and levitating wink
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A person that is extremely athletic and is a pimp
“Hey do you know Grant?”
“Oh yeah he is super athletic
What do you mean? He is a pimp!”
by Tallboi69420 February 04, 2021
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Grant is horny a lot has a lot of BDE and PP power
via giphy
by uRbAnDickShaNaiRyy October 24, 2019
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A pretentious prick, the whitest human being you have ever possibly met. He has the bluest eyes and blondest hair you’d ever see. He’s so rude and annoying you wouldn’t believe it. He makes rape jokes every hour and wears vineyard vines and simply southern. He enjoys boating and sailing with his obnoxiously wealthy family and flaunting is money. Don’t talk to grant unless you want to be in a swimsuit magazine or fly to Paris anytime soon.
Guy: hey Grant what’s up!

Grant: ur mom haha libtard!
Guy: I forgot he was such a Grant...
by Teddbruh November 30, 2019
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Grant is an amazing person. He is out going and fun and is the best friend you will ever have. He is good looking and very very smart. But he also holds grudges and will remember when you hurt someone or him. But if you stay on his good side he is the most loyal friend ever.
“Grant sure can hold a grudge
“Really, not if you are loyal
by Unknown life form December 06, 2020
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Grant is the handsomest man you will ever meet. He is sweet, kind, a good listener, and a Gentleman who can kick ass. He is a great father, and seeing him with his kid(s) will melt your heart. He doesn't follow the rules - he marches to the beat of his own drum. He is charismatic and refreshing, so everybody loves him. He is also super sexy and the best kisser. If you're ever lucky enough to be with a Grant, don't let him go. Just hope that you can handle his girth. He is the best around!
Person 1: "Who is that hot guy over there?"
Person 2: "Oh that's Grant - he's my favorite!"
Person 1: "OMG! Grant can get it!"
by petey_mae June 11, 2020
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