An intensely homosexual male. Loves the shape of the male penis. Is often found wearing nipple caps and chaps.
wow....how Grant is that guy
by superdude2177 March 09, 2017
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The kinda guy who overcompensated his TPS(tiny penis syndrome) with an excessive amount of guns, usually goes to a summer camp and hangs out with his family for fun. Has a brother who's source of income is questionable (gun runner)?
That guy has so many guns he must have a Grant's dick.
via giphy
by xX_stephenwally420noscope_Xx September 13, 2017
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Grant is a fucking bitch! But I kinda like him.........
by Beachy99 September 06, 2017
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A complex person that has a lot on his mind, comes off as a shy person but if he chooses to will talk your ear off. Grant is very observant and cares for others if sees someone doing wrong to another person, sometimes have wicked thoughts, Grants are very stylish and have a good music choice, has a lot to offer to a girl but be careful Grant’s will cut you off quick
1. Who is that
2. Oh that’s Grant

1. He’s always quiet but stylish
2. That’s true
by Jibberishjhit November 26, 2017
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Grant is the guy everyone falls in love with. He's undeniably attractive and every girl wants him. But he's also a heart breaker. You'll fall into his trap and you'll most likely never get our. He's a great friend and will always be there for you. He's freaking hilarious and you can never stay mad at him because he always will make you laugh. He plays the piano and sings like an angel. He's the guy that you make up scenes in your head with. He's the guy that you dream about. Looking into those beautiful green eyes will captivate you. He try's to date other girls to get that one special girl out of his mind but it never works. He doesn't think he's good enough for her but everyone knows they are the perfect match. He's the guy that would choose a girl who makes him laugh over a Victoria's Secret Angel and he has a big penis ;)
I wish I had a guy like Grant in my life.
by Cody Diaz February 28, 2018
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