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A caveat to the odds game which enables the user to withdraw from odds which have previously been given to them with no forefeit.

Orginally concieved when Grant Saint Clair lost his odds and was required to chin a pan of rum. Unable to face this he feebly asked for an amendment to be added which would allow him to be exempt from these odds.

The amendment was carried over to other members of the group with two rules only:
1. The amendment can only be used on a holiday/trip - it does not apply to every day situations.
2. Each individual within the group is entitled to only one use of their amendement.
Creation story:
John: "Grant, odds you down that pan of rum?"
Grant: "I cannot do this, I'm smashed."
John: "Fucking pussy, 5/1 max"
Grant: "3/1 ya prick"
John: "Count us in"
Steve: "3, 2, 1...."
Grant & John: "2"
All except Grant: "eyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy"
Grant: "I physically cannot do this. Pulling out my amendment, this is not happening tonight"
And so, Grant's Amendment was born.
by Bol'ead May 09, 2018
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