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Typically a mix between a hippie and a slut; think of a girl you know who has slept with everyone in town and possibly in the state of (where ever you live)...and this girl probably at least pretends to fight for womens suffrage AKA rights her ancestors won YEARS ago, gay and lesbian rights, animal rights, starving children in Ethiopia, sober kids in India, is pro-life (I'd like to see what happens to her when she gets knocked up and has no clue who the father is), etc.

Does this girl dress like a modern day hippie? Does this girl think cheese is murder? Does this girl get herself involved with all of the shit out there that doesn't involve her? Does this girl rub her soy product vagina on so many dicks that her radioactive vagina is probably the cause of global warming?

Well my friend, then you indeed have a granola whore.
L&K: *walking around a college town* ew what's that smell?


L: it's those fucking granola whores!

K: didn't they win those rights like decades ago?

L: exactly.
by KT_R August 08, 2008
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A derogatory term describing, and very useful for offending, vegetarian/vegan persons who insist on pushing their beliefs onto other people.

A stereotypical granolawhore has a massive feeling of superiority over those who eat meat, is often uneducated on their beliefs (they'll often say that humans can't actually digest meat, for example) and is completely oblivious to the fact that the person they're talking to doesn't care about their opinion.
granolawhore: "Why are you eating that? that's dead animals! you're disgusting!"
you: "Shut up, granolawhore."
by gee_ March 07, 2018
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