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An annual celebration of Archaicisms, primarily serving as an ego defense mechanism for Boomers (and other old people.)
Nominated for 2014 Granny Awards Rock Album of the Year:

Zeppelin, Sabbath, Bowie and Neil Young

-- Four acts that were "too hip to be square"* around 1970.

Kings of Leon and Queens of the Stone Age

-- Named after a passe form of government and a truly ancient Age of Tech.

How desperately we cling to illusions of youth and relevancy. -- Citizen of the Galaxy

* Once upon a time, even Before the Flood, contemporaneous fans of "Old Blue Eyes" and the "Candy Man" embarrassed themselves with such phrases, in a vain attempt to sustain their own relevance. Please, STOP THE MADNESS!
by Citizen of the Galaxy February 20, 2014
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