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GRCHS is one of the great schools Grand Rapids has to offer, although this is a "Christian" school kids often do drugs there around 2014 loads of kids there did Cocaine but the christian kids today smoke marijuana even the kid you envy who gets straight A's and plays 4 sports, Even an exchange student from Korea got caught with a dab pen. This school has many secrets which can't be exposed but let's just say the kids there love to get down and dirty .There rivalry school they compete against is East Grand Rapids although many students here at GRC have friends who go to East they still seem to have a huge flame between them. EGR & GRC student love smoking blunts together which may be the reasoning behind why they are becoming friends but that won't change the heat they have on the filed. The best sports team GRC has is basketball and Volleyball, X recently graduated and went onto play for MSU he was by far the best player on the team, and for Volleyball the Gates are the anchor of the team and the may not all be cute but they have talent. Grand rapids Christian is a private school with very high tuition for kids who are supposed to give the image of good Godly christian ways none as the eagle way which not all of them follow by. Welcome to Grc
Hey , did you hear that Jesse went to the choir room with Brad?

They totally did it, let's hope Vanderwilp won't catch them. Grand Rapids Christian is crazy dude

Aye, you tryna smoke big doinks in the parking lot during lunch?

Hell yeah but we gotta go to Wendy's after bro.
by Vagina Butkus December 20, 2017
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