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Pronounced like "grond dom."

Large woman prone to dramatic behaviors to draw attention to herself. Delights in pretending to be everyone's friend and profuse gossiper. Strives to know everything so she is gossip central. Overly elaborate in her compliments directly to you or about you to others as a trick of smoke and mirrors, distracting what she's really like.

Don't reveal too much to her because you could be next on her hit list. She is cunning and very good with words. Superior communication skills.

Loves to give advice and guidance to others, but chokes on her own hypocrisy when she cannot follow her own rules of conduct.
Jennifer considers herself to be the grand dame of the department.

Jennifer behaves like the grand dame of the office.
by The one named Anne August 15, 2011
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Noun: A person or thing that lives to make a grandiose entrance and delivers an looming and exaggerating presence. Often times can be seen as laughing at his/her own jokes or acting brand new.
The Grand Dame entered the party and pretended not to know anyone while creating flagrant stories for strangers
by dungstheshit February 27, 2018
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