She will always know how to make your day brighter and she is the most beautiful caring sweet, kind, caring, loving person you’ll ever meet in your life. If you ever decide to not have her in your life, trust me you will be missing out on the best person ever!!!!
Ella Grace Stanley is the best person to brighten up my day!!
by Ella’s lover June 09, 2019
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She’s the most beautiful, wonderful person in the planet and she will always cheer you up no matter what the situation is, the best out there
by Ella’s lover June 09, 2019
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Kind, compassionate, beautiful, angelic, gorgeous, emotional, amazing, talented, funny, approachable, ambitious.
I love elli grace
by Niknik2020 December 03, 2020
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obsessed with one direction and sheesh smart but fuck you heheh jk and aggressive and wants to slap me and guess waht OoooOooo what you want what you feel and make it real you gotta go big time
by Ohsheeeesh October 26, 2020
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Estelle Grace Javier is a nice girl. She's so kind, hardworking, smart.When you meet him you don't want to let him go.When you're with him you're so happy,every time you see him everything around you disappears. You'll really love him as in.So just in case you met estelle javier, don't let her go because you are very lucky to have estelle grace javier in your life.Don't waist her.

I really love him.
I love estelle grace javier even she didn't love me
but im so blessed that i met her
by expectate daga June 08, 2021
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