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Grace Christian School of Raleigh consists of the baddest muthafuckas in the southeast. Though grace lacks diversity consiting of rich whites and halfricans. The mascot is an eagle cuz its badass like the students that go there. Eagles like to get fucked up drinking 40's and smoking dope weed, just like the students and explains the meaning of the mascot. Eagles fly to get high and students cant fly so they just get high. either way you know your on eagle territory when you enter the parking lot, halfricans blastin trap music, broken 40's and pimps slangin dope. The sports teams are ill and do well except for the over hyped basketball team. But no matter what eagles are always boss. Overall its a good school, the dress code is there but everyone is to high to notice. Gotta love Grace!

grace student 1: hey man i left my syringe in your car mind of i get it?

grace student 2: no problem man just make sure you share it in math class
by coolcat555 March 19, 2012
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