A girl who is extremely attractive and funny.
Bro is she a girl? Or a gorl?
by September 06, 2020
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how the "popular mean" girls in highschool in the year 2008 called their friend, or said the word girl.
normal person: hi
Karen to her friend Anna: omg gorl did this loser just talk to us??
by mel's-ugly-okay? June 03, 2020
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the word used between female friends joking about being bad
Mia: dude i just borrowed from hobby lobby, Im a bad Gorl😎
by madam big bones October 14, 2020
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Gorl is a better way to say girl. This is gru's way for saying girl, and it's only to be used by those with swag.
by The black 909090 February 17, 2021
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In the Despicable Me series, the main character, Gru, calls his adopted girls, “Gorls.”
Gorls! Stop touching my expirements!
by Prodi_Jay May 28, 2018
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