She’s basically your girlfriend, but you never asked her out yet
I can’t come today bro, I have to go to my gorl melony’s house;
My gorl angelika just came back. I can’t wait to see her.
by Squorl May 08, 2019
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Gorl is a slang of “girl”. it’s more of a meme than a word
“She’s a silly gorl

naughty gorl
by kbarr01 June 02, 2018
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Commonly used term in the movie Despicable Me, where Gru addresses his daughters as "gorls" rather than the more common phrase "girls". Lately it has become a meme to address women as "gorls" instead of "girls" or "females".
My bois and our gorls been hookin up in the grudio.
by Yeepers Creepers May 18, 2018
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Naked pictures of a owner phone's owner taken for the express use of said owner's significant other but then accidentally discovered by another person. Usually used to facilitate picture sexting.
- We were going through the pictures of her birthday on her phone when we found some gorl.
- No!
- She said it was for her boyfriend. She has a nice rack.'

'My mom was going through my iPhone gallery and found gorl I'd taken for my girl.'
by zeroogeewhiz January 28, 2009
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An alternative to the word "girl". Originated from Gru in Despicable Me, Gru has a thick accent of some sort but it causes him to pronounce the word 'girls' as 'gorls'. Now a meme on the trend.
"I took my gorl to the movies and she loved it!"
"I love you baby gorl"
via giphy
by calvnh May 04, 2018
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A word our god,gru, uses because he can’t say girl right...
Gru: dang that gorl is fine as hell
by Finegorl May 10, 2020
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