Prefix/adjective used to describe something and signify that the said oject or objects is bigger and badder than under normal circumstances
That kid has always had Glocks, but he got himself a gauge and an AK. Now he's holding gorilla guns.
by the $cun>| January 27, 2008
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The big goon you take along when you think the other party may want to get rough (or when you are trying to intimidate them). Large, ugly, and not prone to smiling, at least not nicely. Sometimes heard as gorilla up.
I gotta get my security deposit back from that asshole, he was supposed to split it to all the roommates, so I need to take along a gorilla.

If you really need to talk to that one, better gorilla up. Sam'll go along if you ask him.
by old lang guy September 08, 2006
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South side gangs that wear green but have no gang hand signs only graffiti and slurs but in every gorilla gang there is a yung20 the leader is 12-15 while other gang members are older even to the age of 30.
yo man we cant go on dat street da gorillas hang there.
by Yung20 September 24, 2006
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Throwing beard shavings on a girls face after shooting a load off on her
I gave that girl a gorilla last night
by anon February 21, 2005
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