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Large to Unhealthy lines of cocaine that when spread out with a razor or credit/ID/Metro Card resembles a gorilla's finger.

Used as a noun.
Hey John, will you cut me out another gorilla finger? I need to start my day.

Yo son you always hook it up with those fat gorilla fingers. My nose bled for hours last time.
by Suicide You Later! December 11, 2008
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Huge ass blunts, thick and tight, only rolled by the best.
Brendan:Yo that kid Jeff rolls fucking gorilla fingers for blunts.

Kurt: You think so?

Brendan: Yea man, not as big as Calvins though. He rolls cannons!
by chronicnodro March 24, 2010
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Human fecal matter. Generally sitting at the bottom of the toilet.

See Lincoln logs.
Aw man, someone left some gorilla fingers in the toilet.
by Andre January 15, 2004
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