A Gorilla Fart is an alcoholic drink procured at a busy bar. It is made by taking the pour mat that the bartender has been pouring drinks over all night and pouring the liquid that has runoff or spilled into it in a glass. This random concoction that varys greatly in consisterncy from bar to bar is what is known as a Gorilla Fart.
Last night the bar had $1 well drinks on special. The Gorilla Fart that the pour mat produced at the end of the night from all of that cheap liquor had me calling dinosaurs all night and next morning!
by Sir Mungs Alot February 1, 2009
Simply stated, it is Bacardi 151 and Wild Turkey 101. You pour the concoction into the persons mouth whilst they are sitting upside down in a barber chair, then putting a bar towel over their face (reduces spray). You spin them 2x around to the right, then 2x around to the left. Done. If they haven't vomited, either they are hardcore, or you poured them water.
I went to a bar in LaCrosse for OctoberFest in 1981. I had my first Gorilla Fart ever. And my last ever. No Sane person does this. Nor a sober person.
A bomb ass alcoholic drink. Im not sure what is in it...but I suspect that its quite a few different types of liquor because after a night of drinking them, I woke up next to another chick and Im sooo not a lesbo!
I will have another Gorilla Fart, please.
by Libra Chic August 8, 2005
Noun. An alcoholic beverage created by my Uncle Mike, a bartender. No Joke.
Take a four shot glass. Fill with two shots of Bacardi 151 and two shots of Wild Turkey. Consume. Enjoy.

Background: My uncle's old drinking buddy came into the bar one night and asked for a drink that would help him to catch up with all of his other friends, who had been drinking all night. Once offered the drink, he took one whiff and started coughing, eventually chortling "That smells like a Gorilla Fart!"
After downing two Gorilla farts, I promptly grabbed my best friend's mom and made out with her.
by Lyralli October 3, 2007