A way of saying your not feeling at your maximum beauty level, or your are. Example; I am 3 points below Gorgeous Level Jacqui today, I need a facial and a wax! A way to let you friends know you are feeling fugly, but still recognize you are gorgeous.
Girl, your at gorgeous level 10 today! That cut suits you!
by Glow girls February 11, 2018
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When someone is extra handsome a way to describe it is saying he is a Gorgeous man. It's mostly used at the Voltron fandom to describe Coran
"Coran, Coran the Gorgeous man"
by coranthegorgeousman April 12, 2017
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When someone looks gorgeous all the time, but becomes sexy in the pants they are currently wearing.
by Overwatch 8705 January 22, 2021
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Gorgeous-X'Oneigh's are one of the finest people you will ever meet. They are very caring even tho they act like they don't care. Everyone thinks they are mean but if you spend time with her, she is very chill. They are loveable if they let you. She is one of the most amazing girlfriends and would die for her friends and family. On the inside they might be hurt, but they hide it with a smile so you would never know! She will love you with all her heart. Now how amazing would it be to have a person like that in your life?
"Aye Gorgeous-X'Oneigh I might not be 14 but im the 1. 4. U cause your fine."
by Thug.it.out November 21, 2021
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Someone who looks so amazing you wish you were her. Aka heather.
by September 23, 2020
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