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indian version of saying GOOD

originator: ownage pranks
Indian: How are you today?
by DJ Seizure May 18, 2009
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Variation of the word gordo. Another way to call out someone who has consumed mass amounts of drugs/alcohol and is so drunk/high that he/she can't function anymore. Refer to gordo
Scott:hahaha, oh man look at thomas
Nick: haha, he's throwing up everywhere
Marc: ya man he's straight gords
by rammstein000001 February 15, 2009
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Canadian chirp, mainly used by hockey players who have blond mohawks come playoff time. Possibly the worst and most uncreative chirp ever created. A Gord is similar to an asshole or an idiot. It has no direct meaning when necessarily applied to someone, but it used a playful or humorous insult.

Most likely comes from Boyd 'Gordo' Gordon.
Tim: Hey James your a gord.
James: Haha, good one.
by kenthomson February 21, 2008
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a derivative of good; a mispronunciation of good
Person1 : how was your dessert?
Person2: it was gord.
Person1: that's gord
by kidspice October 11, 2011
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The next step down from god. When something little goes right, or a plan comes to fruition, you thank gord, instead of god. "thank god" is generally reserved for the larger victories, such as winning the lottery.
"Thank Gord I didn't miss the bus!"

"Gord almighty"
by Varick von francis March 23, 2009
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When someone pulls their pants and underwear down and farts on someone else to create an instant stink.
Oh man Josh Gorded me and the smell was horrifying.
by GordMan March 22, 2010
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A lizard of the thunderous species; a thunder lizard. Can be found at Shambhala sleeping in a cool dark place.
Look at that Gord! Just chilling in his cool dark dank place, one of the greatest thunder lizards I've ever seen!
by JadoreEDM October 26, 2011
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